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Optikos Shami


The eye health and the good care of it to the fullest is very important and this is what Optikos Shami does.

Through our constant checking and integrated treatment for eye diseases using the best technology and the most sophisticated equipment at the hands of the most skilled specialists , we always succeed to restore a smile to the faces of the people.

Our branches spread across the UK and all known shopping areas, and the visitor feels the Excellency of our stores and elegance which adds brilliancy for the excellent service that we offer, through the way which our products are ranked which facilitates the selection, and passing through the laboratories testing which saves time and service recipients effort, and the outstanding service and the warmth of welcoming and affection displayed by our team. And we also offer prices and presentations that satisfies our customers .
Shami has 38 branches in Jordan and 3 other braches outside Jordan at your service.

We offer a full package of services in the world of optics of comprehensive tests with accuracy to our distinctive goods , medical and eye glasses and contact lenses.

Apart from our laboratories which are equipped with advanced technological equipment , we have a moving center for vision screening and eyeglasses to customers wherever they are equipped with a control system is characterized by applying the highest standards of quality and performance monitoring .